Making the Holidays Your Own

Decorating for the holidays is particularly personal. Our choices are tied up with all kinds of traditions, not to mention our individual tastes. Thankfully there are as many ways to add holiday cheer to your home as there are names on Santa's nice list. With a little help from our December Gallery Auction, we've put together a visual guide to help you identify your own seasonal style.

All that Glitters
For some of us it's just not a party unless the decorations glint and gleam in the light, and it's just not the holidays unless there's a party. In that case, thank goodness this season comes every year, providing the perfect excuse to break out anything and everything gilded or crystal or otherwise lustrous.

Pretty Palates
There's no rule that says the holidays only come in green and red. Winter whites have always been a classic, and pink and gold make a beautifully festive complement. Coordinate your florals with the tones of your decor and the overall effect is as refreshing as a crisp winter morning.

Accent with Asian Arts
If you love to combine cultures in a classically eclectic way, Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity to use your decorative pieces to shake things up. Snowmen and carolers are charming, but adding things like antique Imari porcelain, and Asian objets d'art speaks to a more worldy aesthetic.

Happy Heritage
Of course the richest parts of the holidays are the time spent with family and the traditions that warm our hearts year after year. Using classic pieces that evoke happy holidays past will never go out of style. With the cheerful colors of the season as a defining thread in a selection of antique art and decorative objects, the whole effect will be one of timeless joy.

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