The Chair Files: Photography Director Jason Evans

At Leland Little, we just flat out love chairs. Chinese Huanghuali folding horseshoe chairs, Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs, Italian Renaissance open arm chairs - the chairs that come through our gallery are as varied as the people. And the people always seem to feel strongly about the chairs.

And so we give you: The Chair Files. In this story series, we will pick a person, the person will pick a chair, and we'll introduce you to both of them. It turns out a chair can tell you a lot about a person.

For our inaugural Chair Files, we talked to Leland Little Photography Director Jason Evans. Jason has been working at Leland Little Auctions since 2004, when he was 16 years old. A relative who worked at the company brought Jason along on an estate pick-up, and he never looked back. Somewhere along the way someone handed Jason a camera, and he's been honing his skill at capturing the personality and detail of the objects we auction ever since.

From our October Gallery Auction, Jason chose a chair from a pair, a Chippendale style leather club chair.

LLA: Why did you pick this chair?

JE: Normally I like modern chairs, just because they tend to be different, but this one stuck out to me because it seems like the type of chair that would be in a successful environment. I can see it in a library kind of area, with paintings on the walls and an antique Heriz carpet. Or in a corporate office - off to the side is a bar with decanters filled with scotch. You pour two glasses, walk over to the chair, hand one to your associate, sit down, and you're ready to talk.

LLA: That's very Don Draper of you! What kinds of things in our auctions normally catch your eye?

JE: Modern furniture, and I'm into investment art, something that will bring a good return in the future.

LLA: What's the most unusual thing you've seen in one of our auctions?

JE: One of them would probably be a casket, like an ornate kid's casket. I'm not actually sure if we ended up selling that.

LLA: What do you like on a sandwich?

JE: I don't do sandwiches much because I'm trying not to eat bread, but I do eat this one sandwich every Friday - ham and turkey with bacon. It has to have bacon.

LLA: What's your favorite holiday?

JE: 4th of July, because of the fireworks and grilling out. And there's a vacation day on 4th of July!

LLA: Duke or Carolina?

JE: Duke.


fullsizeoutput_dbPair of Chippendale Style Leather Club Chairs

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