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For some 2,600 years coins have been efficient commercial vehicles. But they are also miniature works of art and historical documents in their own right. From the silver tetradrachm of ancient Greece to the gold dollars of 19th century Central America, coins have shaped civilizations and made fortunes. The Leland Little Rare Coin Department understands the value of our global numismatic legacy and effectively places choice material before a diverse pool of avid collectors worldwide.

In recent years the Leland Little Rare Coin Department has offered nearly 30 coin auctions, almost half of which were single owner collections. In the last five years alone proceeds from our coin auctions have topped $2 million. Explore the stellar results from the Leland Little Rare Coin Department below.

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Our Rare Coins Director, Rob Golan, has worked with rare coins for over 40 years as a collector, cataloguer, dealer, consultant and appraiser. His credentials include:

  • Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America
  • Accredited Member of The International Society of Appraisers
  • Life Member of The American Numismatic Association
  • 25-year Member of the American Numismatic Society
  • Listed contributor to David Sear’s five-volume Roman Coins and Their Values (London: Spink, 2000-2015)
  • Author of the current Appraisers Association of America’s certification examination for numismatics, covering ancient, domestic, and international coinage

Rob Golan

Director, Rare Coins