Measuring Excellence in a Glass

An appreciation of fine wine is not only an appreciation of the flavors on the palate or the subtleties of the nose, as ethereal as those may be. A true appreciation of fine wine also recognizes the stories of the vineyard and the farmer and the winemaker, the journey from the vine to the glass. For some wines, this total experience is so rich with history that it is truly inextricable from the wine itself - to drink it is to taste a legend.

Mark Solomon, Director, Fine Wine & Whisky

These are the wines with which we fill our auctions at Leland Little. We concentrate on the truly collectible wines without which a serious cellar is incomplete. And we understand that fine wine, as much as it is poetry in a glass, is also an investment that needs to be managed. Not only is our dedicated Director of Fine Wine & Whisky an expert at identifying the most desirable wines for our sales, he is also uniquely skilled at placing wine at auction so as to maximize its return. Once your wine is in our care, it is stored in an on-site, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled cellar, and dealt with only by staff specially trained in handling and storing wine. All of the wine that we auction will reach it's next home in the same condition in which it left its last.

Leland Little Auctions, Fine Wine & Whisky Department

From the legends of the old world to the brightest rising stars of the new world, the Leland Little wine department excels at turning wine into a collection.

Mark Solomon, Director, Fine Wine & WhiskyMark Solomon, Director, Fine Wine & Whisky