Heather Garrett Takes on the November Gallery Auction and Wins.

Watching Durham-based interior designer work her way through the inventory of our November Gallery Auction, we decided the exercise was akin to Iron Chef: Interiors. Heather had two hours, the eclectic assortment of art, antiques and home goods in our auction, and her sheer creative prowess with which to create a room that inspires. The end result is a genre-crossing, style-blending display in which anyone could find a home.

When we asked her how she approached the task, Heather said that in any diverse design situation, auction or otherwise, she likes to first identify a theme and have all her selections stem from there. In the case of our November auction, Heather wanted to create the feeling of an actual room that someone could live with, rather than just a stand-alone vignette. She started with a French Provincial Painted Armoire and evaluated all the rest of her picks in the context of that piece. A theme of muted blues, deep greens, and rich wood tones started to emerge, and so Heather worked with those colors in mind, deftly bringing together pieces from eclectic styles and periods. A Vintage Thai Temple Rubbing brought an element of black and gold to a wall of art, and a Vintage Karadje Carpet tied it all together, as carpets are wont to do.

Heather suggests always beginning with a design story based on one element of a piece - whether that be color, period, or style - and then buying with that story in mind. And, she says, always know where the piece will live before you bring it home. Context is king, but that doesn't mean we have to be slaves to convention.


Selections from Heather Garrett's November Gallery Auction Collection

Two Similar Chinese Export Famille Rose Dome Top Tea Pots

Southern Classical Mahogany Sideboard

An Antique American School Still Life Painting with Lemon & Orange

French Provincial Style Overupholstered Armchair

Pair of Regency Converted Fluid Lamps

Del-Bourree Bach (CT/NY, b. 1953), Twilight

Frank Gaskill, English Galleon Revenge Ship Model

Pair of Designer Glazed Modern Garden Stools

French Provincial Style Window Bench

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