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We live in the age of global adventure. With the entire world only a plane ticket away, we can escape into cultures that give us a sense of perspective on our own. And even though we can't always be on vacation, one of the hottest design trends of 2018 is bringing wanderlust right into our homes.

The Complete and Important Collection of NOA Living, at auction by order of the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court, October 3rd-5th, is right on trend. It combines art, artifacts, and furniture from myriad Eastern and African cultures with sleek contemporary designs. It has all the textiles, accessories, rugs and art that are popping up in the most current design lines and the recent work of sought-after interior designers. So to get our travel-influenced decor juices flowing, we've gone on a hunt-and-discover mission for ways to use the inventory of NOA Living. Follow along below as we match items from the auction with our favorite inspiration images.

Pillows, pillows, pillows
Piles of patterned pillows bring life to sofas and beds everywhere. They're the perfect way to add color to a neutral palette or to make a space a little more casual and comfortable. Tribal textiles obviously work well in an earthy atmosphere, but they make a lively counterpoint to more classic patterns too.


altGroup of Sixteen Pillows

Rugs, rugs, rugs
The NOA collection includes almost 1000 hand-woven rugs, mainly in traditional styles. Oriental rugs have always been a beautiful way to bring color and texture to literally any interior style. The fast design outlets have figured this out - the Ikeas of the world are flush with reproductions. But the difference between a knock-off and the real deal is immediately apparent. Only hand-woven rugs like the ones from NOA have both the vibrancy and subtle quality that makes them stand out in a room.

Kitchens in particular are getting a lift from traditional rugs these days. Because of the sheer amount of activity that takes place in them, we often want our kitchens to be clean and spare. Adding a bright, traditional rug has become the de rigeur way to keep a crisp kitchen design from looking boring. And the colors in a rug are a good place from which to pull other small pops of color for around the room.

altIndo Persian Rug

Bamileke Stools
Bamileke stools are turning up in every decor situation imaginable, from outdoor seating areas to living and family rooms. They make great coffee and side tables, and occasional seating. Traditionally made in Cameroon by the Bamileke tribe for public ceremonies, the stools carry layers of symbolism in their native culture about the life-cycle and ancestor worship. Bamileke artisans carve them from a single piece of wood, and if the wood cracks during fabrication the whole piece is discarded. In Western settings the beautiful woodwork lends an organic feeling to its surroundings.


altFour Bamileke King Stools

Make a Statement
Many of the global pieces from NOA Living are strong statement pieces - they're graphically dynamic, and they command your attention. The good news is they're the real deal - they've been made the same way for generations and the statement they make is timeless. That said, you can constantly inflect it with the way in which you style the pieces. Add one to your home and you'll use it forever.
altSyrian Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Coffer

Master the Mix
The modern ethnic look isn't about copying any one traditional culture verbatim, but about incorporating various elements that speak to you. This allows for a fluid style - whether your preferred aesthetic leans towards the baroque or the minimalist, global elements help personalize your space.


fullsizeoutput_7Two Large Zulu Pottery Vessels

There are as many ideas for how to use the pieces from the NOA Living auction as there are cultures in the world. But no need to take our word for it: take a deep dive into the NOA catalogue and go on your own global decor journey.

The Complete and Important Collection of NOA Living

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