Holiday Gifting at Auction

We all want to give gifts that show that we've really thought about the person we're giving to, that we appreciate their unique passions. The beauty of the things you find at auction is that they are often one of a kind, or at least one of a few-and-hard-to-find. So whatever the interests of the people on your list, you can give a gift that goes beyond the obvious. Below we take inspiration from our December Gallery Auction and Collection of Sterling Silver to curate a special gift guide of the charmingly unexpected.

A Pair of Unusual Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Ginger Jars
It could be said that blue and white is having a moment on the interior design scene, but really the interior design scene is just having a moment of recognizing the timelessness of blue and white. These ginger jars fit into a wide range of decor styles and are perfect for anyone who loves to add unusual pieces to their home.

A Gorham "George I" Sterling Silver Kettle on Stand
This is the gift for the person who likes to take their time with things, who feels acutely how modern conveniences have eroded the beauty that comes with attention to detail. No K-cups or Starbucks pre-orders here - this kettle and warming stand assumes its user will linger over an entire pot of something, whether in convivial company or quiet solitude.

Seth Thomas Ship's Clock
Whether for a sailing enthusiast or just someone who appreciates the efficient management that the sea-faring world is known for, this ship's clock is a beautifully unusual alternative to constantly checking one's phone for the time.

A Pair of Waterford Crystal Toasting Flutes
Into every life a little celebration must fall. And celebrations should always include something out of the ordinary. Giving these Waterford flutes to anyone with an occasion to mark lets them know that you are celebrating with them.

Pierre Lapadre (France, 1875-1931), Sketch of a Young Child
The magic of the holidays and the magic of childhood go hand in hand. The traditions that span our lifetimes, the whimsy sprinkled through the days for the benefit of those young enough to believe in it: these things make all of us nostalgic for younger years, both our own and those of our children. This pen and ink drawing is a simple reminder of those sweet times, and the perfect gift for someone who will always be young at heart.

A Sterling Silver Revere Bowl by Tuttle
Adding a little functional beauty to someone's life is a gift in and of itself. Ornamental accents like this sterling silver revere bowl elevate the every day, and with a little creativity can be used for any number of updated purposes, such as on a dressing table or for greenery or florals.

1972 Ovation Glen Campbell Signature 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Anyone can go to a guitar store and buy something new from the factory. But the intruments you find at auctions come with a past. In recent years the famous guitar manufacturer Ovation has begun reproducing the line of guitars on which they collaborated with musician Glen Campbell in the 1960's and 70's. This 1972 guitar, however, is actually one of those original collaborations - a wonderful gift for a musician with a sense of history.

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