A Colorful Life

One day the mother of two young boys walked in to a jewelry store. She had a ring she was curious about, with an orange-ish stone. "What is this stone?" she asked the jeweler. "Garnet," he told her. She was surprised to hear it, and her curiousity was piqued. "Aren't garnets usually a more reddish-purple? How can this be a garnet?" she asked. The jeweler patted her dismissively on the hand and told her "oh, you don't need to worry about that, dear." That was the last time Lynn Fisher would be patronized about fine jewelry. Hers was not a curiosity to be denied. She promptly enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America, earned a degree, bought a microscope, and a serious collector was born.

Lynn Fisher, who passed away in May of 2018, was fiercely exhaustive about everything that caught the attention of her agile mind. She was a long-time client of Leland Little Auctions, and as Jewelry Director Nancy Blount notes, "she approached jewelry like she did everything else, with passion and scholarship." Take, for instance, parenting. Most people just have a baby and hope for the best. Lynn, however, refused to get married and have children until she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education so that she would be thoroughly prepared for the job of motherhood.


Lynn loved color. The jewelry from her collection that we are offering in our Important Fall Auction is a vivid rainbow of coral, tourmaline, sapphire, amethyst and more. The Chopard Copacabana suite of necklace and earrings is the perfect example of her predilection for all things vibrant. It includes a necklace and earrings in pink pearl, diamond and sapphire. The sapphires, far from being only blue, come in green, gold, purple, blue, pink and yellow. Many of Lynn's pieces are like this - a combination of several brilliant colors rather than just one striking stone. This Chopard suite is in itself a fitting answer to that condescending jeweler who unwittingly inspired Lynn - What's that? Sapphires don't only come in blue?

copacabanaA "Copacabana" Pearl, Diamond, and Sapphire Suite, Chopard

As much as she loved color, Lynn's taste in jewelry wasn't simply that of the magpie drawn to a shiny object. Blount says that Lynn was as awed by perfect simplicity as she was by precious ornament, and she "had an endless interest in the history and construction of jewelry." As with the quietly detailed gold Georgian chain below, Lynn appreciated the beauty implicit in fine craftsmanship. She was not a slave to fancy labels - she chose her pieces because she loved them and recognized their quality. She often only discovered that a piece was made by a renowned designer after she'd purchased it.

altAntique Georgian Gold Chain

Lynn Fisher loved jewelry, and life. Her jewelry collection reflects that unusual spirit, and the next owner of her pieces can't help but gain some of that vivacity in their wearing.

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